Meet Your Hosts

Michelle Crawford

After a successful child acting and modelling career in Hollywood, Michelle returned to New Zealand to pursue her first love, drinking, or more precisely, wine.  

Studying the dark arts at Lincoln she went on to have a successful career as a viticulturist through out New Zealand and around the world before settling down in central Otago, with her own vineyard, Quest Farm.  

Why the hell she gave this all up to work in the pub is beyond me but I’m glad she has come along for the ride.

David Savage

David turned his back on a promising mediocre amateur sporting career to pursue his passion for creative writing.  

Drawing on his limited experience at law School David embarked on an unsuccessful career writing under the pseudonym John Gresham.  

Unfortunately it turned out a contemporary author with a similar name had already garnered some success in this genre.  This unsuccessful writing career was quickly followed by unsuccessful careers in stockbroking, management, sailing, professional gambling, as an entrepreneur and if you listen to the locals, now as a Barman.